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2016 Season

Down week last week against the Eagles, up week this week against KC.  So many weapons on offense, a lot of question marks on defense outside of Tuitt, Heyward and Harrison.


  • Happy for guys like Finney and Dangerfield, getting to start a game
  • Nice win against the Jets.  Stats suggest a great day for Coates but it definitely was an up and down day.  Maybe the injured hand played a part in it.  Had he come up with half of the drops he had, he would have been closer to 160 yards and maybe another TD.

    More injuries.  Heyward left. Steelers played well enough after he left but would certainly be a huge loss if he is out for any period of time.  Sharmko left as well.  

    Only gripe would be the fake FG.  Inconsequential in the long run but on a 4th and 2 I would rather give it to Bell (I would have been perfectly fine kicking the FG).  

    Otherwise a really good game.  Pass pro was great; Hubbard was solid.  Defense was good enough; Chickillo and Jarvis Jones played well.  Cockrell has played better but with Heyward out for some of the 1st half and all of the second, a really good job by the defense.
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