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Steelers co-favorites to win Super Bowl next year

edited February 2016 in Steelers
The Patriots, Seattle, and Pittsburgh were installed as 8-1 favorites for winning the Super Bowl next year. 

It's hard not be optimistic about next season considering how well the team fared last season with all the injuries against a super tough schedule. 

Watching Ware and Miller tear apart both NE and CAR, really ups the performance by Pit. Although they lost in the playoffs, they racked up more than 400 yards twice against Denver. Ben threw for over 300 yards twice, and once without AB. Only Brady in AFCCG also threw for at least 300 yards against that D the entire season. The OL played pretty well without Pouncy or Kelvin. 

Hopefully we will see some improvement on defense. Golson playing is like an extra draft pick this year. I have dreams of them singing Weddle, but doubt it will happen.

The team has  a 3-4 year to go to a couple Super Bowls, and staying relatively healthy while adding a few pieces on defense, makes it a definite possibility.
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