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Gameday - PLAYOFFS - DIVISIONAL ROUND - Steelers @ Broncos, Sunday, January 17th, 4:40PM


No AB.

Next.  Man.  UP.


  • This is one of those games that we may win only because no one thinks we can. Plus we always give Manning fits defensively, even when he was healthy and in his prime, and currently he is neither.

    I predict a low scoring, 20-17 type game one way or the other.

  • 4th and 1 don't mind going for it, call was OK if Ben is healthy. Had the DB beat, got to get that in front of the receiver. Too much air under that ball.
  • I expected a lot more Heath the first two series. Invisible so far.

    Defense being put on the spot early and often.

  • edited January 2016

    Hanging in there. Defense having an excellent half. Much as I don't like Mitchell, props for that 4th down hit.

    Kill the rest of the clock, get a lead going into half.

  • Well, it wasn't a bad effort but just too many holes to fill. Just not enough on offense. Game effort by defense.

     I still believe if we were anywhere close to healthy this year we would have been in AFCC at home.

    Back to the drawing board - got 3-5 years left in the BR window - need to get another ring. Defense gets a little better, we figure out how to finish drives, we stay healthy, and we are right back in it.

  • NE is going to kill Denver.
  • edited January 2016
    Welp, all things considered, it was a decent game; frustrating as it seemed like it was there for the taking.  Truth be told, I felt confident going in because as msdmnr alluded to, Pittsburgh plays better when no one expects them to win.  I think I saw maybe one or two pundits take the Steelers in this matchup.

    The defense played out of its mind and it was buoyed by all the Denver offensive miscues...drops, errant passes, etc.  About as good of a performance as you will see from this group.  The only thing missing were some takeaways and maybe a few more sacks.  Gay had his shot at INT and dropped it.  Too bad to because it could've really swung momentum.

    I thought the offense played decent too.  There weren't any big plays, but it was pretty evident that Denver was giving up the short stuff and committed to preventing the downfield strikes.  That seems to be the way to defend Pittsburgh's offense.  Force them into a bit of dink and dunk, then make sure you tackle...just don't get beat deep on a 50 yard bomb.  If you're patient enough, Roethlisberger might try to force it and that's when you usually see the turnovers; a jump ball style throw into double coverage.  To his credit, he didn't do any of that on Sunday.  He was patient and took advantage of the soft underneath coverage.  He struck deep only when the opportunity presented itself.

    As it wore on, it felt like a game that was going to go to either whoever had it last or whoever made the first mistake.  The Toussaint fumble was key in that they appeared to have some nice momentum on that drive and they likely would've walked away with some points.  IIRC, Denver turned around and converted a TD on the ensuing drive so your're looking at a likely 10 to maybe even 14 point swing.  Still, that miscue aside, the young RBs played well in their two playoff appearances; solid running, great blitz pickup and even a few nice grabs outta the backfield.  RB might not be as big a priority in the upcoming draft as I had initially thought. Turnovers happen to the best of 'em at the most inopportune times...just ask AP.

    Finally, I thought the coaching staff did a good job in this one too.  It felt like they were able to keep making some pretty good chicken salad outta chicken shit.  Butler, Haley and even Tomlin who usually gets hammered for being "outcoached" did a decent job.  I think there's a lot to look forward to in '16.  If they can hit a couple homers or even a few doubles or triples in this year's draft (and most importantly, stay healthy), this team should be able to go even deeper in the tournament next year.

    You never want to see the season end before the SB, but I think most would say that the team outperformed expectations this year...especially with all the injuries.  Hopefully everyone is able to make a full recovery and come back for a stronger 2016.  And hopefully, 2016 will bring back more of the MGS faithful too...
  • Well,  disappointing  for sure, but not entirely unexpected. Failure to score TD's and not kick FG's did in the t4am once again. BR was the only QB (so far) to throw for 300 yards on the Broncos D, and he did it twice. The game was there, and the D played well enough to win. Just couldn't overcome all the injuries in the end.

    Hopefully they can get some secondary help in the draft, because the front 7 is pretty decent. Even JJ started to play well towards the end of the season. Having a healthy Golson is going to be like having an extra 2nd rounder. If they can tighten up the back end, the defense is on the rise IMO.

    2015 was the year of "what could have been" for the offense. Ben, Bell, AB, MB played a little over one quarter together all season. If Ben played 16 games, AB would have straight up smashed Harrison's reception record, and Megatron's yardage record. Ben would have easily had over 5000 yards. The offense is basically unstoppable between the 20s. They need to finish drives with TD's however.

    The o-line played pretty well considering the injuries to Pouncy and Kelvin. Should be better next year.

    Overall, I think the Steelers had the talent to make it to the SB and possibly win it this year. Suspensions and injuries derailed that. If they can keep this team relatively healthy ( don't get tackled by Burfict!), and add a few pieces to the secondary, I don't think it's unrealistic to consider the Steelers Super Bowl contenders.
  • Well, I was pretty close on the score, and could have gone either way.

    As noted, we are close - health + improved secondary + couple hits in draft.

    Glad to be wrong on the Denver NE game. Second best thing to a Steelers SB win is a NE loss.

    Looks like I'm gonna be a Panthers fan for the SB, barring a miracle (currently 34-13 and Panthers just picked off Palmer again).

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