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Gameday - PLAYOFFS - WILDCARD WEEKEND - Steelers @ Bengals, Saturday, January 9th, 8:15PM

Here.  WE.  GO!!!!


  • End of third. Defense playing out of their minds. Should have put it away by now. That last sack looks bad. Ben has gone back to holding the ball too long today.
  • Broken collarbone? And stay classy, Cincy.
  • And, Shazier's play should have been a TD. Would have avoided all of that crap.
  • Why the hell are we throwing on second and 6 with Landry Jones when we just gashed them with the run as we've done all night ? Become predictable - run, run, throw in throwing situations, kill the clock.
  • How do you block two blitzers up the A gap with one player on third and 9? You hold of course.

  • Wow. Cut Landry please

  • OK that was the craziest ending to a game I have ever seen. Without doubt.

  • Adam Jones cannot say enough stupid things. Cannot help himself
  • Holy fucking hell, what a crapfest.
  • Cockrell only played 10 snaps.
  • edited January 2016
    I don't even know where to start with this one...

    At a high level, they dominated this game early on, but settling for 3s instead of 6s kept it seemingly within reach.  The offense is still sputtering; they need to come out of their funk akin to what GB did in the 2nd half yesterday.  There's absolutely zero chance of them moving on if they're planning on leaning on the defense to carry them.  That said, that side of the ball played great on Saturday, but I have zero faith in that continuing.  Plus, there aren't any more AJ McCarron's left in the playoffs.

    As to the shitshow streetfight aspect of the game, I'll mention each point specifically:
    • Shazier's hit on Bernard - Bernard not a "defenseless receiver," he's a runner at the point of contact.  Shazier leading with the crown of hit helmet is a bit of a BS fall back as that happens all the fucking time in an NFL game.  It just looked worse on this occasion because they were in the open field.  Personally, I think it was a good no call, but I also wouldn't be freaking out if they threw the flag there either. 
    • Hit on Wheaton - pretty clear cut that it was a "defenseless receiver" hit.  Correct call.
    • Burfict hit on BR - clean, hard hit.  I've certainly seen worse not called.  Fortunate it wasn't a clavicle.
    • Burfict hit on AB - dirty, head hunting, cheap shot of a hit.  No effort to make a "clean" hit at all.  Clearly going for the head.  Should bring a fine and a suspension.  Penalty warranted, obv.
    • Nelson's run in with Munchak and subsequent flag - thought it was a mountain out of a molehill moment, but I can accept the penalty.
    • Jones penalty that put them in chip shot FG range - I will admit that I was surprised when it was thrown.  I've seen players bump refs before and it wasn't called.  The fact that the ref had his back turned (I think) may have factored into the call.  I also think all the backlash that Peezy is getting for being on the field is a bunch of BS.  He didn't go out there to [initially] start trouble.  He was out there to check on the health of one of his team's players because it looked like an opposing player fucking decapitated him.  It was only afterward, following some pushing and shoving (and some verbal bombs back and forth) did it begin to escalate.  Porter maintained his cool, Bengals players didn't.  Saying "he shouldn't have been on the field" and Pittsburgh should've been flagged for that is grasping at straws.  Bengals players should've stayed the fuck away and not gotten in the middle of team reps trying to tend to AB.
    In the end, it was a great play from Shazier that caused the fumble and got Pittsburgh the ball back.  If that doesn't happen, Cincy runs out most of the clock, kicks a FG and goes up by 4 pretty much sealing it.  He gets the game ball, IMO.

    The main question I have is...if #7 was good to go out there on that final drive after the fumble recovery, why wasn't he in there the drive before when LJ threw the INT?  What changed in his health over the span of that 5-10 minutes?  I don't get it.  They were behind and needed a FG.  Why didn't he go out there?

    Anyway, it's no mystery that BR needs to be able to get "behind the helmet" on Sunday if Pittsburgh has any shot of winning and advancing.  AB and DWill would help too...although, I'm not holding out hope for those guys.  Next.  Guy.  Up.
  • I can't believe the media is giving pacman jones a platform.

    On the old MGS board there was a poster who would always defend pacman (joetorious?) because he knew him from WVU. Used to get in to it with penso. Wonder if his opinion has changed?
  • I was just thinking of that guy the other day. Same dude who had all the Mike Tomlin/Bill Stewart parallels.

    Congrats to all the Clemsonians in the house.  Didn't get the game Monday, but got a pretty sweet consolation tonight with the hoops team.
  • Congrats to all the Clemsonians in the house.  Didn't get the game Monday, but got a pretty sweet consolation tonight with the hoops team.

    Yeah, can't complain about going toe to toe with the best college team for the past decade, and they have to pull out a surprise onside to change the momentum.

    Hoops on a literally unprecedented roll.

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