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Gameday - January 3rd - Steelers @ Browns

Fucking must win.

No Manziel.  Welcome to the NFL Austin Davis...I'm sure you'll have a career day.  It's all downhill from here though...


  • After shitting the bed against the Ravens, I'm sure the Steelers will come out pissed and beat the Clowns by 30. Will Rex beat his old team? I'm not so sure. It may be a nail biter in Buffalo. Glad I have the Sunday ticket to flip between if the Steelers are taking care of business.

  • Dear Pittsburgh,

    Merry Fucking Christmas.

    Now, get yer shit together and go do some damage in the playoffs.

    Yours truly,

    Sexy Rexy and the Buffalo Bills.
  • That was a gift, although I had a feeling Bills would hold up their end. Rex has significant shortcomings as a coach, but he knows how to get his players up for a game. I'm sure he was thrilled to stick it to his old team.

    Now that we are in, I think we caught a break on the playoff bracket. We get Cincy in round 1 and have proven we can beat them. If we win that we get Old Man Peyton and the Broncos, who are also beatable. And who knows - NE is struggling a little and maybe they get picked off before the AFCC.

    That being said, we have not done much to show we have any momentum heading into the playoffs.

  • I would have rather gone to KC than CIN to be honest. Cincy will be pissed, and they are a pretty good team. Beating DEN in Mile High has always been difficult ( save the 2005 AFCCG). I would rather play NE in the Divisional Round than the AFCCG, but oh well. Glad to be in the tournament, but don't really expect much from this up and down team. 
  • Four.  Games.

    Let's go...let's GO!...LET'S MOTHERFUCKING GO!!!!

    BTW, if that gift from the football gods doesn't bring back anymore of the old guard to this place, are we going to officially lay the Maximum Grilled Steelers name to rest after this season?  Seems sacrilegious to do so...

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  • Will go back and watch the game today.  From what little I saw and via the boxscore, things didn't look good early.  But rivalry games away from home are typically tough, regardless of record.

    The defense is pretty bad but when it creates turnovers and gets timely sacks, it is able to hide some of its deficiencies such as poor tackling, an awful secondary and what seems like the worst group of OLBs I can remember.  But this team finished with significantly more sacks and forced turnovers than in the past 3 or 4 years.  Butler was able to get sacks from his DEs and blitzing safeties and corners.  Kudos to them.  Can we all agree that Jarvis Jones is a bust?  JHarrison outplayed him at age 37.  

    I'm a Clemson and Martavis Bryant fan but dude has to get his head on straight for Cincinnati.  

    I expect Heath to have a big day against Cincinnati.  

    Hopefully the Steelers don't mix it up much with Cincinnati.  Let them take the 15 yarders and the Steelers can take the win.
  • Ben has to get back to taking what the defense gives him on pass plays. Almost hit 4000 yards in 12 games (on pace for 5200), but 16 INTs won't do. After the injury, 17 TDs and 14 INTs.  Too many talented receivers for someone to not be open - if not throw it away. Don't force it to AB.
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