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Gameday - Pit@Bal

Well, there you go. Play a shit game and lose. Now they are out if the Jets beat the Bills. So many wrong things about this game. Offensive game plan was terrible. Defensive game plan was also terrible. Ryan fucking Mallets career game. Seems like everyone has a career game against that D.

Way too many negatives about this to mention, but have to ask why on the last 2 throws of the game, the ball doesn't go to AB. He's the guy. MB is explosive, but his hands are suspect ( the reason he went as late as he did in the draft). Let's be honest, Ben played like shit as well. Everyone pretty much sucked today, except for DW.

On a larger note, I haven't been on the anti-Tomlin train, but you have to question him. Haven't won a playoff game since 2010, and basically won a SB with BC's team. This team is habitually not prepared to play inferior opponents. It has to come down to coaching. I don't know if he should go, but if this team misses the playoffs, which will happen if the Jets win ( they can also get in, if Jets win and they beat Cle if Den loses its last 2 games), the coaching must be questioned.


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    Terrible effort. Way to abandon the run when you're gashing them. I understand hindsight is 20/20 on all fourth down calls, but for me the first drive of the game, if you can get points take them. Even if you convert that 4th down you are not guaranteed a TD by any means.

    Given over 100 yard in penalties against an inferior opponent and you can't covert? Unacceptable. Tomlin isn't going anywhere - not the Steelers way of doing business - but I also have to question how many times this team comes in unprepared to play. Two losses to Baltimore this year when they are the worst they've been in forever. Win those games and we have a great shot at the division, maybe a bye. Instead we are on the brink of missing the playoffs.

  • Also, we are now officially Bengals fans tomorrow night. 
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    ...this shitshow.

    Disgraceful performance.  Thankfully, I didn't follow through with the thought of making the trip to M&T...chances are I would've ended up on the news.

    How do they not get up for a division what is essentially a "must win" game...after they already lost to them earlier this year...?  I could see overlooking a crappy, out of conference team or something, but the Ratbirds?  They thought they had this one won the minute they got off the plane.

    It all went downhill after that failed 4th down attempt.  Why they didn't just sneak it is beyond me.  Yeah, they were running it at will to that point, but Balty just sold out to stop the run.  Even a PAP to Miller or James would've been a better option.  Another possibility would've been to line up quickly and try to draw them offsides with the hard count.  Lotta young guys on the other side of the ball and there's a chance they could've got them to jump.

    I was a little worried about Mallet as he fits the bill of the type of QB that does well against Pittsburgh (well, truth be told, pretty much every QB does well against the Steelers this year...).  Big guy with a big arm.  Still, he'd been in Baltimore what, 15 minutes?  Inexcusable.  Credit Crybaby Harbaugh for getting his team prepared with a defensive gameplan centered around forcing Pittsburgh to beat them on the ground and an offensive gameplan consisting of getting the ball out of Mallets hands quickly with short passes and dumpoffs.  Too bad Tomlin and Co. didn't come in with the same sense of urgency.

    The players don't escape blame either.  The defense is what they are...unable to really stop anybody, but make a play here or there.  Offensively, completely out of sync.  #7 looked terrible too.  It was about as tentative as I've seen him in awhile.  Even the passes that he managed to complete, he didn't look comfortable.  A lot of his passes were off.  He was far from in command...almost apprehensive.  He completed a few nice ones to Brown and Miller (and put that bomb down the left sideline to Bryant right on his hands), but for the most part the WRs had to work to make the catch.  No rhythm to the offense whatsoever.

    It was a day of mistake after mistake; using two timeouts in the 2nd half before they're halfway through the 3rd quarter, turnovers (what a gift on that 100YD int return...could that guy have been more offsides?), bad playcalls...the list goes on and on.

    Now they've gotta go to Cleveland and beat the Clowns and hope that Rexy has the desire (and can rally his players to feel the same way) to stick it to his old team and bump them from the playoffs.  Frankly, I'm more confident that Buffalo will get the job done against NY than Pittsburgh will win in Cleveland.  Well...not really...but it sure feels that way...

    God-fucking-damnit, what a do you let yourselves go from being in and controlling your own destiny to on the outside looking in and needing help...AGAINST A GOD AWFUL BALTIMORE TEAM LOADED WITH A BUNCH OF PRACTICE SQUADDERS!!!!!!!......
  • Sigh. Haven't felt this way since being Tebowed in 2011.

    Hell of a turd game. Never thought I'd see a coach pull another Pete Carrol, but we sure as hell tried.

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