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Gameday - December 20th - Broncos @ Steelers

Steelers (-6)...!!!...against the Osweiler led Broncos.  No #18 this week.  Just daring people to take the Broncos, no?




Especially if I end up going as I will break something if they end up losing (again) when I'm in attendance.


  • So with 2 minutes left in the half, win seemed unlikely and a cover seemed near impossible.

    Great job by the D in the second half. Especially after that INT. That had all the makings of a dagger TD to kill the season.

    Not sure which is more unlikely - coming back from 17 down, or winning a game with 17 carries for 23 yards (14 for 26 before victory formation, but still). Definitely can argue that passing game is the best in the league right now.

    Bengals-Broncos matchup is interesting, as in who do you root against?  Is there a scenario where we can win division? I don't think so, but not seeing that Cincy has officially clinched. If that's the case, then A Denver loss combined with KC winning out would give us the 5 seed if we win out. That would give us the winner of AFCS in round 1, which is not bad at all. Maybe even a second round matchup against Cincy if things break right.

  • Apparently if we tie Cincy at 11-5 we would win division - not sure what the tiebreaker would be. But even if Denver beat them they would have to lose against Baltimore which is highly unlikely. More likely scenario is us picking up 5 seed with Bengals beating Denver and KC winning out, but  either way helps us.

    Sure would be nice to have that last 5 minutes against Cincy back.

    There is a scenario where an 11 win AFC team is out while a 7 win team is in. I am starting to think eliminating divisions would be a good idea. Travel isn't the problem it used to be. Have two 16 team leagues, play every other team once - 15 game season. One crossover game if you want to keep it at 16. Top 6 make playoffs - easy.

  • The Steelers can finish as the #2,#3, #5, and #6 seed. The first two require Cincy to lose their last 2 games, and Pittsburgh winning their last 2. They can clinch a playoff berth this Sunday with a win and a Jets loss ( NE at home).

    #6 seed will be likely and means a trip to the loser of the Den/Cincy game. Would be nice if the Chiefs stumbled and they got the #5 seed, then would play at Houston ( or Indy).
  • 2 seed next to impossible. I'd take a 3 right now. Hell, I'd take a 6 right now. Baltimore and Cleveland should not be an issue, but we've done stupider shit than losing to teams like that.

    We've proven if we play a complete game we can beat anyone but NE for sure, and we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

  • Brady is Pit's Kryptonite for sure, but I think this year they might be able to outscore NE, even in NE. They rolled up a lot of yards on a healthy Pats D already. Butler isn't as good as people think he is, and AB wins that match up like he did in week 1. MB presents a prob for NE that wasn't there week 1 as well.

    NE's OL is weakest it has been in years, and I think Cam and Tuitt can get pressure on Brady. They have an issue with Gronk, but everyone has that issue. Brady will dink and dunk all day without WR's, and that's a better match up because the Pitt front 7 is the strong point of the D. 

    NE is absolutely capable of beating the Steelers, but I'm not as worried about them as I normally would be. They are super injured, and for once, the Steelers are capable of out scoring NE. If Pitt hangs 35+ on them, which they can, I don't see NE winning. I'm more worried about a Cincy or Den rematch.

    Gotta get there first though. Records go out the window for Divisional games, so Pit better not look past Balty or Manziel. 
  • Agreed, one week at a time.

  • edited December 2015
    Monumental game and monster comeback.

    Can't believe I bailed last minute and didn't go.  Woulda been a helluva game to be in attendance.  Of course, had I gone, they would've gacked it up somehow and lost so I take full credit for the win.  8-|

    What a tale of two halves; looked like a HS JV team in the first and a SB contender in the 2nd.  Give the coaching staff credit for getting them back on track at halftime, but what's that say about the pregame preparation?

    Still, this game followed their MO; play well against the tough teams and crappy against the teams they should beat, which leads to...
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