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Best place to buy tickets for Steelers game?

I grabbed some tickets off stubhub last year for the playoff game and they were a little on the pricey side, but for a playoff game I figured, "eh, wtf."  Not like I go every week, anyway.

So, I'm trying to score some tickets to this week's game against Denver and it just seems like ticket prices are bananas.  Yeah, it's the last home game and they're in the middle of a playoff run, but goddamned, prices are higher for this game (by quite a bit too) than they were for last year's playoff game.

Is there a better place or way to score some tickets?  When I was there last year, there were a bunch of scalpers trying to sell them around the stadium...for a fraction of the cost.  I've done that plenty of times for Yankees games, but I'm not as familiar with Steeler tix (obv) and can't really protect myself from getting scammed.  Plus, there's that whole driving all that way from CT without a means for getting into the stadium.thing.  I couldn't even begin to describe how angry I would be if I wasn't able to get in.



  • I guess it depends on where you want to sit. I like Sections 135 and 136 down behind the Steeler bench, but they tend to be pricey. I've used Stub Hub and the NFL Ticket Exchange since both guarantee the tickets. I've noticed the Ticket Exchange can be cheaper, but there are more extra fees.

    I've seen plenty of scalpers around the stadium, but I've never gone that route. 
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