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Gameday - December 13th - Steelers @ Bengals

Steelers (+3) in this one.

Not sure how I feel about that.  Don't really see which way Vegas is trying to push the public.  If I had to choose, I'd say they're probably trying to encourage Pittsburgh side; Steelers getting points in a divisional rivalry game after consecutive weeks of big offensive production; these types of games are always close; basically a PK on a neutral field; etc.

Feels a lot like a toss up pick to me.  From a wagering perspective, it would either be an avoid or (sadly) go with the home team.

From a Steeler fan perspective though, I'm really liking this matchup.  This is really must win territory.  With all the tiebreakers against versus other wildcard contenders, I don't think 10 wins gets them to the playoffs.  They need to run the table.  Anything less and they're going to be doing a lot of scoreboard watching.

#7 usually plays well in Cincy and I think the team is going to be [even more] charged up for this game than they usually would be for a divisional matchup.  Burfict took out #26.  They'll want revenge.  Plus, tough to sweep these games when both teams are good.

Both teams played like shit in Pittsburgh...Cincy just played less shitty and made less costly mistakes.  Let's try to eliminate those this time.  K?  No WTF moments from #7 and even a marginal performance from the defense gets them a W.

Let's go!  Let's GO!  LET'S MOTHERFUCKING GO!!!!!!!


  • Having to play 3 current AFC division leaders isn't ideal on paper, but if the Steelers can beat IND, CIN, and DEN in a row, it just may be a SB XL rematch. Gotta beat the best to be the best.

    I think the offense is too cranked up right now for Cincy to do much about it. Who do you double? AB? Bryant? Wheaton and Miller will eat the middle alive. And DW is a credible run threat. Ben knows he played like shit, and basically lost them the first Bengals game, so I think he comes up big in this one.

    The Pit defense, however, isn't all that good and prone to giving up plays to TE's. They must get pressure on Ginger, or it might be a long day for them. I almost expect kind of a Seattle type game, but hopefully this time they can come out on top.

    If they somehow come out of the Denver game at 9-5, they better take care of business in Balty and Cleveland, which you never know with divisional games. I'm sure the Ratshits and the Brownstains both would love to spoil a Steeler playoff berth.

  • Ok, a little airing of grievances for Festivus. Total BS that Burfict dives at Ben's ankles in the pocket and no flag. The ref's haven't called a play for the Steelers yet, including bad spots twice on Brown receptions.

    With Ginger out, Eifert out, and a banged up secondary, the Steelers have to win this game. Especially with both the Chefs and the Jets headed for wins.
  • About as chippy a game as I've seen in awhile.  Zebras really let them go at it.  For a second, I thought I had accidentally tuned in to a hockey game.

    Good stuff on both sides.  Game wasn't really as close as the score indicated...and "close" is a term I'd use loosely.

    Needed the win, big time.  Even with Dalton gone, I don't see Pittsburgh catching them for division title.  If you want to assume that the Steelers win out, Bengals would have to drop two of their last three to tie, then tiebreakers come into play.  Pittsburgh would need one of Cincy's loses to be against Baltimore to even up the divisional record then it moves on to things like common opponents and conference records.

    Bottom line...just keep winning.  Need 'em all to have a realistic shot.
  • If the Steelers win out, they are in. Even if the Jets and Chiefs win out. They would be the #6 over the Jets because of a better common opponents record. If they Jets lose to NE, the Steelers still get in by winning 2 of 3 and finishing 10-6.

    Cincy would have to collapse for Pit to win the North. SF, @DEN, BAL is their remaining schedule. The Niners are terrible, and the Ravens have given up.

    I think with yesterdays events, and the fact that Cincy and Den play each each, the Pats will get the #1 seed. The winner of the DEN/CIN game probably gets the #2. Unless the Chefs slip up, the Steelers, if they make it, would be going to either CIN or DEN for the wild card round. With a trip to NE in the divisional round if they can win.
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