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Gameday - Nov. 29 - Steelers at Seahawks

We have the lead at the half. Ben off to a good start, offensive game plan seems effective so far. But can we PLEASE stop giving away points? And maybe stop someone on third and long?

Other than the timing, the playcall, the personnel, and the execution, the fake field goal was excellent.


  • Sometimes it's OK to just get the first down on third and short. And as I said, PLEEEEEASE stop giving away points. Our mistakes keeping them in the game. 21-20 should be 24-7.
  • Pissed away another one. Defense was an abomination today. Cannot put together a complete game. BS illegal contact missed call led to Sherman INT. But it all started with the fake FG. It's OK to take the points early on.
  • edited December 2015
    I actually didn't have as big of a problem with the fake FG as most.  Yeah, they kinda telegraphed it and if you're gonna do that, it's arguably better to just stick with your HOF QB and go for it (think Brady would ever come off the field in that situation and leave it to a backup QB to make a throw?).  BUT, all that said, Jones just grossly underthrew it.  He makes a halfway decent pass and Villanueva gets the first easy and arguably might even score as there was no one within 15 yards of him...other than the DB defending underneath.

    I woulda just gone for it...and I would've done the same when they were inside the 5 with 3-4 minutes left in the game too.  Kicking a FG there does exactly jack and shit.  Defense can't stop a 5th grader and they still would've needed a TD to tie or take the lead if they somehow manage to get a stop and get it back.  I'd prefer that they go for it and even if they don't make it, the Hags would've been pinned inside their own 5.

    In the end, just too many mistakes...spotty play/tackling...and some shitty calls that didn't go their way.  

    Even at 6-5, they're a dangerous team.  No defense on this planet can stop this offense when they're clicking.  Limit the mistakes; execute better; and play halfway decent defense (i.e. not leaving guys wide fucking open in the EZ or allowing a WR to run untouched for 15 yards into the EZ).

    Get healthy and push for that playoff run.  It's not quite there, but it's pretty goddamned close...every week is a must win game.
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