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Bye week

Bengals lose to Arizona. Talking heads acting like Steelers are back in the division race. Even if Bengals are on mini-slump, not enough season left to catch them. Pretty sure that Baltimore loss will give Cincy the tiebreaker, which means to get division we would basically have to win out and Cincy would have to lose two other games besides ours. Denver maybe, but don't see another loss on their schedule.

On the bright side, if we get the top wild card we would get the winner of the muck that is the AFC South winner in round 1.


  • Rex Ryan is a douchey windbag, but goddamned if he doesn't know how to scheme and put together a defensive plan to get into New England's head.  Brady got pounded all night...which Giselle told me he absolutely loves.
  • One does have to wonder how many injuries the Pats' cheating machine can overcome.
  • It's all about peaking at the right time, and I don't see the Pats peaking right now. We will know a lot about the Steelers after Sunday's game. If they can beat the Hawks in Seattle, and pile up yards, they have a shot to build towards January out and be a tough, tough out in the tournament. 

    I actually like their chances in NE, if they can avoid any more key players getting injured.
  • Unfortunately we neither got the win in Seattle, nor did we avoid injury. It seems like every time we start to roll, the football gods come in and say "Oh yeah? Let's take out a couple more players."
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