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Jones SINGED, Archer out

The Dri experiment is over. Lots of speed and not much else. Even when he got a crease he tripped over his own feet.


  • Meh, one inexperienced, ineffective returner cut; one experienced, ineffective returner singed.

    Archer didn't do much on special teams, but he also wasn't a guy that I felt like I had to hold my breath every time he touched it.  Then again, he only handled KOs, not punts.  Curious if Pittsburgh has it in their plans to put Jones back there for punts instead of #84.  Hope not.

    Jones isn't the dangerous return man he was 4 or 5 years ago.  He had something like 3 or 4 muffed punts last year??!!  He's a liability on STs...maybe a little less of a liability on KOs, but still...this feels like a "lesser of two evils" move to me.
  • I'm actually disappointed that Dri couldn't put it together, and we couldn't figure out how to incorporate him into the offense.

    Now he'll sign with Belichimp and rack up 2000 AP yards.
  • Hopefully, I'm "done" holding my breath on STs.
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