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Gameday - November 1st - Bengals @ Steelers

#7 back?

Something tells me that they're just putting it out there that he'll start to throw off Cincy, but when game time rolls around, they'll make some announcement about a "set back" or "they want to be extra cautious" or some shit and hold him out another week.

Jones gets the start and they miraculously beat the Kitties in some spectacularly shitty fashion...23-20.


  • Are you saying it's a *smokescreen*?
  • That was a tough one. Obviously Ben didn't play well. Either did Bryant. The upside is the defense really played well.

    I was sitting right behind the Steeler bench, like 10 feet from Bell when they got him on the table. He was super distraught. Totally sucks. Such a special player. Good thing they picked up Williams.

    Some things you don't see on TV, after Mitchell was hurt and came off, they did a sideline concussion test. After he got told he was out, he went down the stairs into the locker room, and beat the shit out of the wall. He was pissed.

    Time to go 12-4 bitches.
  • Bell gone for season, not confident about that 12-4.

    Have I mentioned how much I hate Mitchell?

    Taunting call after a stop - selfish

    Interception 60 yards downfield on 3rd and 50 - poor football IQ.

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