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Gameday - October 25th - Steelers @ Chiefs

edited October 2015 in Steelers
Great googly's the Chefs in their place.  Even without Charles, it's a tough environment for any opponent and a game they "should" win, which means they'll probably come up short.  Interesting that they're (-2) on the road with their 3rd string QB.  Not really sure what that line means though...where are they trying to push the action?  First inclination is they're daring people to take KC as a home dog, but not totally sure...

Anyway, Shazier coming back?  Hopefully they give #7 another week or two before letting him back out there.

Expect to see 30-35+ from Bell/Williams.  Feels like a 17-13 kinda game.


  • Typical performance playing a 1-5 team. Tomlin can't seem to get his teams prepared and ready. Defense didn't play bad, but didn't make any impact plays.

    Terrible game and clock management as usual. And Haley always seems to blow a couple calls a game. Why would you give the ball to Willams on 4th and 1 when Bell was running downhill on the drive?

    Welcome back AB, but it's still a 3rd string QB in his first start throwing the ball. No way Ben doesn't play next week. Kind of seems like a must win now. Can't go 4 games back and 0-2 in the division.
  • Yeah if we want a shot at the division next week is a must. 2-2 without Ben is probably about all you can ask, except we won the two theoretically more difficult games. Ravens and Chiefs combined 3-10, and 2 of the 3 wins are against the Steelers.

    Realistically it will be a tough sled at this point to win the division - would have to sweep Cincy to have a shot - but wild card is attainable. 

  • Didn't see the game, but why did Bell have only 17 carries if he was averaging 7 per? This would be one of those games where he should have gotten 25+ to keep the pressure off of Landry.
  • edited October 2015
    I dunno.  I tend to hang that loss on the (-3) turnover margin more than the playcalling and preparedness.

    One pick and the fumble were definitely on Jones.  The other pickle was just bad luck with the multiple bounces and great snag by Berry...right place, right time and quick reflexes.  Still, one of them led to 7 by KC and the last fumble was the "rally" (term used loosely) killer.

    I will agree that Haley had a couple WTF moments.  I questioned out loud at the time...why you would have your franchise stud back on the sidelines on a 4th and 1 play.  And, after Bell had that tough, long run (think it was 40+ down the sideline) why he didn't get a breather there and to top it off, they hand it to him again on the very next play which of course, gets stoned.  Even for a 23 YO, dude had to be winded...why not throw Williams out there for a play or two?

    Nothing really stood out from a clock management perspective.  The only one I can think of was nit picky and probably too late in the game, but...after Landry turned it over, KC was grinding it out.  They ran a play just before the 2:00 minute warning that ended with like 2:03 or 2:02 left on the clock.  Pittsburgh should've called a timeout there and saved a down.  They ended up getting the first and going to victory formation, but who knows how things would've played out if KC was forced to push and get the first down.  Steelers defense seemed gassed at that point anyway; couldn't stop the Chiefs ground game even when they knew it was coming.

    Defense played OK, but nowhere near as good as they've been lately.  Hate seeing stats like...KC hasn't score a rushing TD all year (or whatever it was), then boom, they run one in.  Then you see one for Pittsburgh where they show they're near the top in RZ effectiveness this year...only to have them boot two FGs from inside the 20 on the day.

    A positive?...looks like they found a kicker that can put it through the uprights consistently.
  • I think KC was/is better than their record, but a team that Pit should have beat. Kelce was the only option they had on O and the D still couldn't cover him. Of course they haven't been able to cover a TE all season.

    What I meant about clock management was more about how they used 2 TO's in the 3rd quarter, effectively eliminating their ability to lengthen the game at the end.

    Landry didn't play bad. He played like a 3rd string QB in his first start ( they are what we thought they were). Nice throw to MB on the TD, and he made some good throws to AB, but really couldn't carry the O. He went over 10 mins without attempting a pass ( 1st and 2nd quarters), which goes back to an odd game plan. 

    There was a key 3rd down where they threw to Williams and he dropped what would have been a 1st down. Then came back to him for that 4th and 1. No knock on DW, but 26 has to get the ball then. At least be in the game.

    The D can't be blamed although there was some atrocious tackling. Hopefully they can step up for the Bengals.
  • edited October 2015
    "The D can't be blamed although there was some atrocious tackling. Hopefully they can step up for the Bengals."

    Can JJ whiff on any more tackles?

    I swear, that dude is in the same position that Mendenhall was for Pittsburgh back in the day...lucky he was a R1 pick.  He certainly doesn't deserve playing time based on his performance.  The only reason he still gets marched out there is because they spent such a high draft pick on him that they HOPE he can turn out to be decent.  If he was a late round selection or a UDFA, he'd be out the door already.  They're just trying to maximize the ROI on that investment and it's just not going to pay off.
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