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Gameday - October 18th - Cardinals @ Steelers

edited October 2015 in Steelers
Shazier back?  Will Allen's status?

Hopefully Palmer reverts back to the mental lock up when he sees the Black and Gold.  Maybe Pittsburgh can bring #67 back to do nothing but stand on the sidelines and walk back and forth staring at Palmer with some crazy wide eyed look on his face.  Ok, bad joke...probably just jinxed the team with that one...

Would be pretty fuckin' sweet to hand Hairyarms his first loss of the season and do it without #7 to boot.  Gotta figure that he'll have Steelers West fired up for this one and they'll likely be ready to run through a brick wall for him.  This is Arizona's second in back-to-back road games though; went to Detroit last week, stayed on the East Coast (I believe) and are then traveling to Pittsburgh.  I could see that factoring in.

Vegas has Pittsburgh at (+3) which feels like WAY to low of a number.  Bodes well for Pittsburgh.


  • Hopefully the defense can continue to play inspired ball. Carson isn't that mobile, so getting consistent pressure on him will be key.

    I don't think Ben plays no matter what they say about him practicing. Bell will get a lot of touches, and maybe they will let Vick throw deep to Bryant a few times.

    Kind of expect a loss, but hoping for a win! Especially since I will be there! Section 136 row 4. Here we go Steelers, Here we go!
  • Glad you got to go to that one SteelerfaninCO.  Will be a special memory 

    Wow, first half offense was atrocious.  Looking at the stats, the defense was pretty poor, giving up 400+ yards.  But they were opportunistic, made stops when necessary and won the turnover battle by 3.  

    Do I think Landry Jones is THAT good?  No, but he was the catalyst for the win today.  Not sure what is going with Vick.  Is he done?  Is he timid?  Does he need more time with the playbook?  I don't know but I don't think the Steelers win had he stayed in.  Jones played great and made the throws and looked to progress through his reads.  Was very impressed that he used Heather Miller as a safety net, extending the drive.  

    Sucks that Beachum is out.  AV looked good.  I hope Tuitt isn't out for next week.  Hope Shazier is back.
  • Classic case of bend but don't break defense. I did not see the game, but looking at the drive chart AZ has to come out of that thinking they let one get away. Penalty on their first drive pushed them out of FG range, and set the tone for the whole day.

    Welcome back, Mr. Bryant.

    I think all things considered we have to be happy to be 4-2 right now. Ben back next week?

    Man if this team ever gets healthy they can be dangerous.

  • On that note, just saw a post that Beachum has a torn ACL. Jeebus, what next?

    Don't expect that kind of performance going forward (especially now that teams will be gameplanning for him), but goddamned if it wasn't nice to see a completed forward pass.

    Feel bad for Beachum.  Knew when I saw the replay that he was done for season.  How 'bout Villanueva though?  Great job filling in and nice inspirational back story.  Nice find there by the coaching staff.

    Speaking of coaching staff...time for a little props for them, collectively.  They've all done an excellent job considering the injuries (and suspensions) this team's been faced with this year.  They aren't perfect, but definitely deserve an atta boy for doing what they have to do to get this team to 4-2.  Butler has his squad playing inspired ball and dare I say, outperforming themselves?  One note, when JJ's ready to go again, please keep him in a backup role.  K?  Thanks.

    Just hold it together for another couple weeks or so until #7 comes back.  If they can steal one in KC this week, they'll be in prime position for a mid-late season run.
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