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Gameday - October 11th - Steelers @ Chargers

Is there such a thing as a "must win" in Week 5?  I think so.


  • I feel better with Bryant back. Will Wheaton play? Shazier and McCullers practiced today
  • Agree we need this one. Both to stay in shouting distance of the Bengals and to have the tiebreaker over another potential wild card team.

    Browns beat Baltimore - ugh. I think if we had gotten a full week to prepare might have had that one.

  • Steelers must make a roster move tomorrow to get Bryant on to the 53. Cut Cortez Allen or trade him for a 7th rounder? Guy can't get on the field and the Steelers seem content with Cockrell
  • Vick does not appear to be the answer. 8 minutes left, 3 points. No first downs in second half. Bell is running fine, but zero passing threat. Great first half field position nothing so show for it. Brown is invisible.

    And as I type this, he hits the home run. Nice play, but now D is back on the field again.

  • Thank you Mike for making me eat my words. Great two minute drill, like the call at the end - put it in your best player's hands. Great second effort to get in.

    Keeps the season alive. Great effort by defense. No problem with the 4th quarter scores, they had nothing left. Kept it in reach for the offense to finally get going.

    Not sure we were better today, but I will take that win and run home.

  • Refs allowed :18 to tick off the game clock on the touchback kickoff of the final drive.  Nobody noticed.

  • They ran the ball twice before the 2 minute warning and didn't look like they were in much of a hurry. Maybe they get one more play off before then instead, or maybe they let the clock run down anyway. Looked like they were planning to kill all the time one way or another. Defense was gassed and probably wouldn't hold if there was much time left on the clock.

    Whatevs, we are 3-2.

  • This is a game where a few years ago, I would've bitched about Vick's stats, Blake's missed tackles, and the inability of our D to defend Gates 

    After this game, what I see are Vick's final two drives, Blake's pick six and Golden's ability to step in and play reasonably well.  

    Butler deserves a whole lot of credit for the defense, which has a secondary of mish-mashed parts, and an almost hockey-line rotation along the DL and at OLB.  Butler has used his best players, who happen to be at DL and LB, to pressure often which covers up the weakest part of the defense, the corners.  

    Berry had a really good game too.  
  • So, the ref whose job it was to keep an eye on the game clock is suspended for the week...with pay.  lulz  Wish I could fuck up at work and get some paid time off.

    The game was about what I expected.  I didn't expect Vick to look as lost and play as poorly as he did in the early stages of the game, but I also didn't expect him to lead them on a come from behind victory either.  If he could find a middle ground going forward, it would be nice.  I think the talent level is still there.  He just needs to get more comfortable and I think that can only come with more and more reps.  Getting another weapon back in Bryant should help.

    The Chargers did everything they could to lose that game.  At least Pittsburgh was able to capitalize (eventually) on it.

    In the end, Pittsburgh is sitting at 3-2 (again, shorthair from 4-1) in large part because of the over performing defense.  Butler has done a nice job.  I hope he doesn't fall in love with that overload blitz though.  Seems like teams are already starting to key in on that.  Stay a step ahead, Keith...
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